Botleys Mansion Wedding Photographer

Botleys Mansion Wedding Photographer

Being a Botleys Mansion wedding photographer for the day, I had the delight of documenting Marisa & Kes' wedding at the stunning. The venue itself oozes elegance with such an array of beautiful rooms and an epic reception filled with natural light.

Marisa & Kes were such a delight to work with, I feel very lucky to be able to capture such lovely couples and document their special day.

The church had lots of gorgeous natural light shining through, perfect for photos inside. Family and friends were catching up and reminiscing before the ceremony began. There was a real sense of joy in the air. Okay, so on with the show, these are just a selection of some of my favourite shots of the day.

church wedding in surrey
wedding benches in surrey wedding
wedding guests
wedding guests laughing
groom sitting on bench
mother of the bride walking down the aisle
mother of the bride hugging groom
bridesmaids waiting outside church
flower girls at wedding
wedding guests standing
father and bride walking down the aisle
father and bride walking
bride and groom holding hands
groom kissing brides forehead
bridesmaids singing in church
groom smiling at bride
priest at surrey wedding
bride and groom sitting in church
bride and groom sitting in church
pianist playing in church
bride holding her hand
bride and groom getting married
parents watching bride and groom
bride smiling at her groom
wedding guests sitting in church
wedding guests standing in church
bride and groom leaving church
woman hugging man
bride smiling with bouquet
convertible red car
bridesmaid holding flowers
bride holding bouquet

Marisa & Kes after such a beautiful ceremony heading back in Kes' classic MG convertible. I remember him giving it a good shine before driving it to the church, and too right, it was a great way to head to Botleys Mansion in style.

bride and groom in red convertible
botleys mansion wedding venue
botleys mansion wedding venue
botleys mansion wedding venue in surrey
botleys mansion wedding reception

As you can see, Botleys Mansion is absolutely gorgeous inside, the team did a fantastic job at setting up the place, it was looking great for when we arrived.

botleys mansion venue
bridesmaid holding flowers

The guests had arrived and the reception drinks had begun. A lovely setting for everyone to relax and take in their surroundings whilst listening to the beautiful music in the background.

wedding guests at botleys mansion
singer at botleys mansion
drinks reception at botleys mansion
wedding guests laughing
wedding guests talking
wedding guests laughing
wedding guests having fun
wedding guests laughing at botleys mansion
children having fun with fountain
woman in colourful dress
woman at botleys mansion
silhouettes of groomsmen
bride greeting children
bride and groom walking up stairs
wedding guests on lawn at botleys mansion

Whilst guests were finishing their reception drinks and making their way to be seated, we took this opportunity to have a leisurely strolled around this stunning Surrey wedding venue. We captured some stunning natural portraits together whilst Marisa & Kes were having fun and relaxing (the best way to take portraits).

bride and groom portraits at botleys mansion
bride and groom portraits at botleys mansion
bride and groom portraits at botleys mansion
bride and groom portraits at botleys mansion
bride and groom portraits at botleys mansion
bride and groom portraits at botleys mansion

Next came the grand entrance into Botley's Mansion, and what an entrance it was. Family and friends standing up cheering on the newly married couple.

bride and groom entrance into botleys mansion wedding venue
wedding guests sitting at botleys mansion
children playing at wedding venue

Touching speeches from the Father of the bride. Plenty of jokes and heartwarming stories about Marisa and Kes and how right they are for each other.

wedding speeches at botleys mansion
father of the bride making a speech at botleys mansion
father of the bride speech
groom speech at botleys mansion
bride looking at groom during wedding speech
groom making speech about parents

Kes made an epic speech, hats off to his public speaking skills, it was quite the show.

wedding speech at botleys mansion
flower arrangement at botleys mansion
groosmen drinking at botleys mansion
bride and groom first dance at botleys mansion
bride and groom first dance at surrey wedding venue
father and bride dancing at wedding
party at botleys mansion wedding venue

Marisa and Kes you were amazing, a real joy to shoot for. Thank you for choosing me, it was a pleasure to document your love story.

If you're looking for a Botleys Mansion wedding photographer, I'd love to hear from you. I love capturing sincere moments and genuine emotions on a wedding day and I enjoy meeting new people and traveling to new places, whether it be in the UK or abroad.

Check out more about me and my approach to documenting your wedding here.

Get in touch to check my availability, I'd be honoured to document your special day.

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  1. Beautiful photography. I love your editing style with high contrast, it makes for very memorable photos and some that even look like they’re from a past era. Gorgeous work!

  2. These photos are so natural and capture the essence of all the emotions felt on a wedding day. You are an amazing photographer! Well done!


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