how to get natural wedding photos

How To Get Natural Wedding Photos

I'm often told by my couples that what draws them to my work is how natural my wedding photos look. This isn't a coincidence, this is completely intentional. But how have I come to be known for this? What's the secret sauce that helps me achieve this honest and authentic style to your wedding photos? Well before we dive in, it's important to note, good natural wedding photos are created through a genuine partnership between myself and my couple. Whilst there is a lot of work on my end, you will very much be part of this process. So let's see exactly how you can achieve those natural wedding photos you're looking for...

1. Let's connect

Connecting with your photographer before your wedding day is so important and often overlooked. I pride myself on taking the time to get to know my couples, as do my couples get to know more about me. In doing this, by the time it comes to your wedding day, we are comfortable around each other and I can blend in with you and your guests.

Taking the time to get to know each other through our emails, social media, and just general chats will really help build that relationship, which ultimately means being even more comfortable in front of the camera. We don't need to discuss your vision for the future and your life plan for the next 10 years, but just common interests or funny stories shared will be so useful. I feel honoured that I am able to document your love story, and as I am there all day, it makes sense to get to know you both so I know what makes you smile and tick.

2. Consider a pre-wedding shoot

You've likely heard of a wedding shoot or engagement shoot - this is simple a photo shoot before your wedding day. So my previous tip was about connecting... well what better way to get to know each other than having an hour session where you can see how I work?

If you're camera shy and not sure how's best to pose before your big day, then I highly recommend a pre-wedding shoot. The last thing you want to be doing is experimenting on your day and letting the nerves get the better of you. Once you experience what it's like to be directed and have your photos taken, then you're much more likely to have natural looking wedding photos delivered to you.

how to get natural wedding photos

To achieve natural wedding photos, it really is about the feeling, it's very difficult to fake it in wedding photos (you can tell). So the better our rapport, the more at ease you will feel with me on the day. Now, this isn't to say you can't achieve natural wedding photos without an engagement session... I am a very out-going and relaxed wedding photographer, I find it very easy to connect with my couples, and can slice through any awkwardness with humour and understanding of your personality types.

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3. Schedule in time

A huge trick to natural wedding photos is scheduling the time for them. When your planning and organising your wedding timeline, I recommend saving half an hour for your wedding portraits. Typically a good time is during wedding reception after you've said your hellos and had some canapés and drinks to celebrate. At this point of the day, you would have caught up with friends and family, received your congratulations, complimented how beautiful you both look, so now is the perfect time to take a moment for yourselves and take it all in.

how to get natural wedding photos

If you are under a very tight schedule, it may show in your photos. You will find it difficult to be present and be relaxed together when you're mind is thinking ahead. You don't need to spend hours with portraits, you want to enjoy your time with your family, friends, and guests of course. Still, your wedding portraits are a really special time you should think about. It's your precious time to hold each other, laugh together, and celebrate the incredible fact that you're now husband and wife. Reveling in these moments together without feeling the need to rush will give you the natural wedding photos you desire.

4. Embracing compliments

Put your hand up if you find it so difficult receiving compliments... yeah, I thought so.

Sometimes with so many compliments from so many people on one day can be overwhelming. It almost seems that it's too good to be true, people are just saying it for the sake of saying it. I can assure you, people are being genuine... so please just embrace these compliments, let them fill you with confidence and joy as you take them throughout your wedding day.

When your wedding photographer is capturing the moments around you, there will be a big difference between sincerity of smiles and laughter as opposed to self-conscious ones. Capturing the natural and authentic moments are what make your wedding gallery sing, believe me... so relax and enjoy the flood of compliments coming your way.

I hope you enjoyed these top tips on achieving natural wedding photos, may they help you with creating your ideal wedding day.

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