Wedding Planning Advice on COVID19

Wedding Planning Advice

COVID19 has caused a time of uncertainty in the wedding industry. I feel like whilst this period of not knowing lingers, it would be helpful to provide some practical advice for couples to be proactive with. There are certain things we cannot change like the current lockdown measures, but we can prepare ourselves with all the latest information to best plan for when things return to ‘normal’ - whatever that may look like. Nevertheless, I want you to feel empowered with the following tips for rescheduling or even booking your future wedding at this moment in time.

1. Communicate with your venue and suppliers

Communication is key right now, nobody has all the answers but some dialogue between your chosen venue or suppliers will be proactive when guidelines are clearer. 

I would advise speaking to your venue and just seeing where they currently stand in terms of rescheduling for a later date or if they have contingency plans. Remember to be kind and considerate in your communications, nobody could have predicted the extent of this and we’re all in the same boat.

If you want to keep up to date with the latest information, use the official websites and steer clear of misinformed media outlets.

Try the NHS website or GOV.UK for the latest accurate information. 

Also a top tip, don’t read or watch too much news. Yes it’s good to be updated but it can be mentally draining and not good for your wellbeing if you’re on edge waiting for the latest figures and plans.

2. Contact your wedding insurance

If you purchased wedding insurance, it would be worth contacting them to see how these changes and updates effect your policy with them. 

Not everyone has wedding insurance, but if you haven’t already, it may be worth considering some to safeguard your wedding in the future. You can visit who are able to show what companies or currently offering cover still.

3. Prepare to reduce your guest list

When we do get more guidance on the events industry, it is likely that there may be a controlled amount of guests per event. It may even come down to guests per square metre available, who knows!? I think the best thing you can be doing is just have in mind what a revised guest list would look like in terms of numbers. This way, you can contact your venue and catering suppliers and let them know, potentially saving you some costs.

If you have already sent wedding invitations and need to reduce these numbers, I believe your guests will be understanding of your situation should they no longer be expected to attend. 

4. Plan ahead now

There is hope that weddings from September onwards in 2020 will still resume, but again, nobody knows what this will look like. Plenty of spring and summer weddings have been canceled and moved either later in 2020 or even 2021. With this being the case, I would strongly advise that you think of getting your venues and suppliers booked soon. The reason being, the number of weddings expected for 2020 have now been moved into the next year. Engaged couples who were planning on getting married in 2021 who thought they had plenty of time for their dream venue, may be surprised at the lack of availability. On one hand, you have the dilemma of uncertainty. On the other, a huge influx of weddings in 2021.

So it is worth considering that you find your favourite venue and suppliers now to avoid any disappointment. You can check out a list of wedding venues by looking at their virtual tours.

If you’re getting married in 2020 or 2021 do say hello, I would love to hear from you. 

5. Useful questions to ask your suppliers

  • Are there any contingencies plans in place should our wedding date not go ahead due to venue closure or illness?
  • Is there a plan in place should you not be able to fulfill your service due to illness? - e.g. recommended alternative suppliers. **Speaking for myself, most wedding photographers do have insurance and a selection of backup photographers ready, but just check!**
  • Could you confirm if my deposit and any other monies paid to date are transferrable or refundable in the event our wedding is postponed?
  • Can you let me know your current availability so I can see if we can rearrange? (Keeping a close line of communication is key here, if you want a specific supplier e.g. photographer or caterer, then it’s important to liaise with them regularly to see if a new date can be achieved.

6. Breathe 

Finally, my last tip is, breathe. Yes, this a strange time in the world, not only for weddings but for our everyday experience of life. Above all, your health and wellbeing are above all of this. You will have a lovely wedding no matter the circumstances, it may be different from what you imagined, it may not. But truthfully, having each other by your side with friends and family is all that matters.

So I say breathe, take each day as it comes, and live in hope that things will return to an even better ‘normal’ for all.

Thanks for dropping by,

Stay safe,


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