how to walk in front of the camera

How To Walk In Front Of The Camera

You may be thinking 'How to walk in front of the camera', is this actually a tip I need to know...? Actually, yes.. and it's very important in creating flattering pictures of you walking together.

I've written before about how weight distribution is so important for your portraits (you can check it out the full article here). So when it comes to walking, the same principle remains. If you walk normally, it's possible your portraits could look like penguins walking, as much I love penguins, it's not the look we're going for...

So to please the camera, you want to walk as if there is a straight line under you.

Draw out an imaginary thin straight line in front of you... then pretend to walk on just that.

Yes, I know, it sounds peculiar right, but trust me, it works EVERY time.

Putting one foot in front of the other on this line will change the weight distribution in your hips, making your look much more flattering in your portrait due to the natural 'S' curves you'll be creating.

Look at the portraits below of this in action:

how to walk in front of the camera
how to walk in front of the camera

I hope you have enjoyed these tips, you're well on your way to creating beautiful wedding photos, even if your photographer doesn't teach you this...

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