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5 Top Tips To Help With Your Wedding Timeline

1. Have your details prepared

Typically when a photographer arrives at your bridal prep there may be some time between you settling into your make-up or getting ready. This is the perfect opportunity right away to get some great photos of your details, this could include your wedding dress, invitations, necklaces, earrings, shoes, or any sentimental items that add to the story of your wedding day. Once these are documented, your photographer can get straight back into capturing some real moments.

2. Allow time for candid moments

As a photojournalistic wedding photographer, I know real moments are what make your wedding gallery sing. If the only photos that can be captured are of you rushing from one place to the next due to time constraints, then it isn’t exactly going to be an ideal storytelling situation. So it’s really important that you leave some buffer time in your timeline where you can relax and let these natural moments unfold. The bridal prep is full of emotions and a perfect opportunity to capture these moments as your family and bridesmaids see you in your dress for the first time. Building in time to let these emotions happen without feeling the need to rush is essential.

3. Designate a gatherer 

When it comes time to take formals, having a dedicated person who knows the whole group and can help gather everyone will speed things up tremendously. The bossier they are the better and I’m sure you already have someone in mind! Make a list of the 5-10 most important combos and send it over 30 days beforehand so we don’t miss any!

When the inevitable moment comes when you need all your family members to assemble for your family portraits, its great to have a designated gather, a shepherd, a hero on your side. Someone who is dedicated and knows your whole family group will help speed things up tremendously. The bossy yet natural charmer is the one for this role, and I’m sure you already have someone in your mind perfect for it.

4. Prepare for family portraits

On the topic of family portraits, these can be quite a time consuming part of your day if not done correctly. The top advice I would suggest is to give your photographer a concise list of every combination of family photos you would like (many days prior to your wedding). Give this list to your designated gatherer too and let them do their thing whilst you relax and wait for the entourage to come.

5. Skip the receiving line

As endearing as it may seem, the receiving line experience is a hugely time-consuming process that can eat into precious minutes of your wedding day. Of course, it’s great to say hello to all your guests who have come to celebrate with you on your special day. So the best time to do this is in-between courses - it’s perfect! You don’t feel rushed as you’re under no time restrictions so you can catch up in your own leisurely time and speak to your cherished guests without feeling under pressure to keep the line moving.

If you're ever looking for some advice on how to plan your wedding timeline, do say hello by sending me a message, I'd be love to hear your ideas.

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