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11 Expert Tips On How To Organise Your Wedding Flowers

There is always a lot to consider when planning a wedding, but floral designs are an important part of your special day. They enhance your chosen venue and the photographs that capture lasting memories. Fortunately, you’re in luck as Helen Sheard an industry expert has shared her expertise to help you organise your wedding flowers.

Helene has been in the floristry industry since leaving school, nearly 30 years ago, and has worked in a range of florists including the Cayman Islands and Rhodes. She has been teaching floristry at Writtle University college for 16 years. Helen also runs an incredible floristry business from her workshop in Blackmore. If you looking for floral designs, Helen is certainly an expert I’d recommend. You can find out more about Helen and her work here (Helen Sheard Floral Designs)

1. Bespoke design

A good florist will design bespoke individual floral displays that suit your requirements and will use their knowledge and expertise to guide you.

2. Where to start

Find a florist whose style you like, looking at their website and social media pages (Pinterest & Instagram too) is a great place to start. Communicate with them to discuss and develop your ideas of designs you would like to ensure they understand your requirements.

3. Plan ahead

Book your florist 8-12 months prior to your wedding, especially if the wedding is in high season and you would like a specific florist.

4. Prioritise 

Give highest priority to designs that will be photographed the most and will therefore leave a lasting impression in photograph albums and on the mantelpiece, for example bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets.

5. Bouquets complements

Make sure your bouquet complements your body shape and dress. As a general rule of thumb, the larger the dress the bigger the bouquet you can hold, smaller bouquets suit elegant simple dresses. Avoid bouquets that appear to overpower you.

how to organise wedding flowers

6. Scale, Size and Colour

Consider the scale, size, and colour theme of your chosen designs. You are better off choosing one or two large impact designs than lots of smaller designs without the same overall impact.

7. Maximise Impact, Minimise Costs

For maximum impact choose a few ‘wow’ flowers instead of lots of expensive or small low-cost flowers.

8. Styles that suit

Think about the style you would like, for example loose open designs look bigger and will be more cost- effective than tightly compact designs full of flowers.

9. Dream Themes

Colour theme plays a very important part in your flower choices as the flowers should match your dress and your bridesmaids’ dresses and be sympathetic with the venue décor.

10. Be Savvy

Think about designs that can be easily moved from one part of the venue to another and reused; consider which areas you will be spending most of your time in, for example the wedding reception.

11. Budget for success

Consider your budget and be realistic with the cost of floral designs. Factors to consider include the size of the venue, number of bridesmaids, number of tables, and special features. Using seasonal flowers can help with the overall budget. Wedding floristry requires planning and preparation time, and a skilled and experienced florist will help you make the most of your budget to ensure the best possible experience.

I hope these incredible tips will be helpful for you as part of your wedding planning process. Thank you Helen for these super valuable pieces of advice. If you’re looking for a Floral Designer, I’d certainly recommend you check out Helen over on her website at

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